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What are the benefits of a custom built website?

Utili offer two kinds of websites that we can create for our clients. We can create a template based website, or we can create a custom built website. In this blog post we will list some of the benefits of a custom built website and how choosing that option can help grow your business.

One of the first benefits of a custom built website is that you can write blog posts. This way you can keep your clients up to date with industry news and information regarding your agency. Its a great way to add content to your site as more content will help your SEO. The phrase ‘content is king’ is very true when it comes to climbing up the search engine ranks. If you want to be on the main page of Google, having more content that can also be shared across your social media platforms will help generate interest.

With a Utili custom built website there is more flexibility in the design and layout of the website. It can be tailored to look exactly how you want it to. It can be themed around your brand, for example with the colours of the website and with any backgrounds of your choosing. It will look unique and original and not a copycat of every other website on the internet. Your website will stand out from the crowd and be memorable to anyone who visits it. A custom built website can also be more search engine friendly in the way it is coded.

A Utili custom built website can have more advanced functionality built into it. Anything can be added in or expanded upon at your request. Some examples of more advanced features include: payment pages, advanced map searches and applicant account areas where they can log in to look at their relevant information.

Your website can grow and change around your business.

Clients with a custom built website can update the page content of the site themselves. That way they can keep their website up to date with the current market.

If you have any questions or want to discuss ideas for your own custom built website or our Utili estate agent software contact us on 020 3603 8667