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New and exciting client login area

Posted by / 29th June 2016 / Categories: Estate Agent Software, Software Updates, Uncategorised / 0 Comments

Here at Utili we are excited to release the new client login area within your Utili account

This exciting new feature allows your applicants, vendors, tenants, landlords and contacts to login to their own private client login area and update their contact details at no additional cost.

Your applicants are able to update their search criteria including the price, bedrooms and type of property they require.

Your landlords are able to see the tenancies linked to their property as well as view and download their landlord statements.

Your vendors can see the properties they are associated with and the offers that have been received on their property.

All from the comfort of their home rather than having to pop into the office or give the office a ring.

To activate your client login area please submit a support ticket through your Utili account. 

Not yet have a Utili account set up? Please contact us at to get your account created today.

Rightmove real time data feed (RTDF)

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Have you heard? Rightmove have changed how they upload your properties to their website.  You can now update your properties to Rightmove using their new real time data feed.  If you haven’t already heard, Utili now supports the Rightmove real time data feed.

What does this mean? Real-time data feed allows you to add and update your properties on Rightmove within a matter of minutes, rather than having to wait hours.

Ready to make the change to Real time data feed (RTDF)? Simply email Rightmove directly to let them know and we will do the rest.  Have the advantage over your competitors of uploading your properties to Rightmove in real time.  The property market is so competitive that those extra hours could make all the difference over your competitors that are still using the older FTP Rightmove feed.

Not yet have a Utili account? Contact us at to get your account set up for you today.


Confused by the types of websites available?

Posted by / 18th March 2016 / Categories: Estate Agent Software, Integration, Websites, Wordpress / 0 Comments

This article provides a simple breakdown of the main differences between the types of websites available.

All the websites we offer are responsive – working on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

  • Static Website
  • WordPress Website
  • Custom Built Website

Static websites allow you to choose the template design that you would like to use.  This template is used as a base to be customised to add your logo, adjust the colour scheme and add your choice of pages to include your content. Content can’t be updated by yourself once the website has been launched.  Static websites start from just £495.

WordPress websites include everything mentioned in the static website above.  Although WordPress websites are much more flexible and dynamic in the design of the website and contains a more advanced map search than static websites.  You are provided with an administration area for your website allowing you to update the content of the website, add new pages and create blog posts at your convenience.  Wordpress websites can have additional plugins –  including links to social media and videos etc.  Wordpress websites start from just £995.

Custom built websites are created and quoted based on your own design specifications.   One of our website developer gurus will work with you to produce a specification based on the design, features and functionality that you would like for your website.  They will then create a specification based upon your needs and work with you at each step of the way to create your tailor made website. Prices are dependent on website specification.

All Utili websites fully integrate with the Utili software.

What does this mean?

An integration is the ability to send your properties from your Utili account to your website automatically.  With no need to add your properties onto your website manually, saving your office valuable time

Utili fully integrates with your website automatically which is included within the cost of your website.

If you have a Utili account and have an existing website we can quote to integrate with your existing website.

Just email to ask for a website integration, we can quote you the cost and the scheduled date for the integration.  It is as easy as that!

Would you like to have more information on the type of websites that we offer?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will arrange for one of our team to give you a call to discuss your website requirements in more detail.

Start 2016 by switching your estate agency software to Utili

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Is your existing estate agency software outdated? Are you ready for a change?

Utili combines both sales and lettings in one cloud based software package.  Allowing you to manage your sales and lettings properties in the office and whilst you are out and about.

What are the benefits of using Utili?

  • Manage your letting properties to keep track of rental demands, disbursements, maintenance, invoices, statements and client accounts.
  • Manage your sales properties to keep track of offers, viewings, valuations and vendors.
  • Manage your people including your applicants, vendors, tenants, landlords, contractors, solicitors and many more.
  • Mobile friendly – full use of the Utili software on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
  • Multi functional diary to add viewings, valuations, appraisals and general appointments whilst assigning them to specific properties, applicants and users.

With a default template library to produce particulars, window cards, memorandum of sale, offer letters, notice of sale, exchange & invoice, diary print out and many more.  With the ability to use the template guide to create your templates from scratch if you wish.

Utili becomes your central database to update to your portals and website automatically.  Saving you time!

All future updates and online ticketing support is included within your monthly cost.

Go on take the plunge and move to Utili today!  Why miss out on all the fantastic benefits of Utili any longer than you have already?

Complete the Request a Demonstration page on our website  to arrange a no obligation demonstration of Utili.

Sending and receiving emails through Utili

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Sending emails through Utili lets you keep track of all the emails that have been sent and received in one central place.   No need to spend hours searching through your inbox for an email that an applicant, tenant, landlord, vendor or contact has been sent or that you’ve received.  Simply search their name within Utili, click on their details and it will show all the emails that relate to them.

Mailing lists can be sent via email or SMS at a touch of a button either from the property or from the applicant.  When adding a property you can match all the suitable applicants that match the property and send them an email about the property, including the a picture, summary, price and bedrooms.  The mailing list will also include the link that you have added for that property.  When the applicant clicks the link,  it will take them directly to your website for them to see the property in full.  Alternatively from the applicant you can match all the suitable properties to that one applicant and send them out via email.  This email will include the same content as the mailing list sent directly from the property.

Send email notifications to applicants to remind them of their viewings.  You can remind your applicants the night before or the morning of the viewing via email or SMS automatically.  Do you need to remind your staff of the viewings they are booked in for as well?  Not a problem, you can remind your staff automatically via email or SMS anywhere between 1 -24 hours before the viewing.  By sending out your viewing reminders, no-one will have any excuses to miss a viewing again.

Do you want to follow up on a viewing or chase up on a rental payment that is due?  Send your applicants or tenants an email through the Utili system.  It is so quick you won’t believe you haven’t been doing it the whole time!

Send a newsletter from your Utili account and choose to send which category of people you would like to send it to.  Create your design, add your content and select your category of people you would like to send the Newsletter to.  Whether you are running a special promotion for Landlords or simply would like to wish all your Vendors a Happy Halloween – the newsletter function is just what you need.

Start using emails within your Utili account now, what’s stopping you?

Launch of the new Utili website

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Building on the growth Utili has experienced within the last two years, we have finally had some time to redesign our website. We are pleased to launch our brand new website to keep you up to date with everything Utili has to offer.

With a beautifully clean design and crammed full of information, its sure to be as appealing on the eye as it is helpful. The new website really focuses on the amazing features Utili has to offer, dedicating a whole section to features. We will also be adding a whole section for support which will include helpful documentation and video tutorials, we will keep you updated on the progress via our blog.

Utili customers now have the convenience of logging in to their account via the website. Taking the hassle out of each user having to remember their own web address.

We have improved our blog section to keep you up to date with the new and upcoming exciting features coming out of the Utili office.

What makes clients return?

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What is it that make clients return time and time again?

It was once said ‘That people will not necessarily remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember the way you made them feel’.

It is this reason alone that encourage repeat customers. When a client is buying or selling a home for example, they will go to an estate agent that they trust and makes them feel valued. You may not be the cheapest, but that does not affect the client that returns for your good customer service. For the average person a house is the biggest investment they will ever make, why would they want to go back to an estate agent that just sees them as a number.

The feedback we have received from some of our Utili customers, is that the Utili Online Estate Agency software allows their staff to give the superb customer service that their clients deserve. Before using Utili, their staff were wasting a lot of time on menial/repetitive tasks, restricting the time spent with clients. With the efficiency and flexibility that Utili provides, it not only made their day to day tasks easier, but also freed up more time to be spent with clients. Therefore having a positive effect on viewings to sales.

Utili Rebrand

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As you may well know Utili has recently undergone a re-brand. Say goodbye to the previous Utili robot logo and hello to the modern and professional Utili brand. Our designer has made us proud improving the Utili brand and user interface. By designing the Utili brand that has the edge over competitors. With the user interface, being top of his priorities, everything from the colours, style and text is easy to use and complimenting the whole Utili brand.