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Rightmove real time data feed (RTDF)

Posted by / 17th May 2016 / Categories: Estate Agent Software, Rightmove Real time, Utili software / 0 Comments

Have you heard? Rightmove have changed how they upload your properties to their website.  You can now update your properties to Rightmove using their new real time data feed.  If you haven’t already heard, Utili now supports the Rightmove real time data feed.

What does this mean? Real-time data feed allows you to add and update your properties on Rightmove within a matter of minutes, rather than having to wait hours.

Ready to make the change to Real time data feed (RTDF)? Simply email Rightmove directly to let them know and we will do the rest.  Have the advantage over your competitors of uploading your properties to Rightmove in real time.  The property market is so competitive that those extra hours could make all the difference over your competitors that are still using the older FTP Rightmove feed.

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