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Sending emails through Utili lets you keep track of all the emails that have been sent and received in one central place.   No need to spend hours searching through your inbox for an email that an applicant, tenant, landlord, vendor or contact has been sent or that you’ve received.  Simply search their name within Utili, click on their details and it will show all the emails that relate to them.

Mailing lists can be sent via email or SMS at a touch of a button either from the property or from the applicant.  When adding a property you can match all the suitable applicants that match the property and send them an email about the property, including the a picture, summary, price and bedrooms.  The mailing list will also include the link that you have added for that property.  When the applicant clicks the link,  it will take them directly to your website for them to see the property in full.  Alternatively from the applicant you can match all the suitable properties to that one applicant and send them out via email.  This email will include the same content as the mailing list sent directly from the property.

Send email notifications to applicants to remind them of their viewings.  You can remind your applicants the night before or the morning of the viewing via email or SMS automatically.  Do you need to remind your staff of the viewings they are booked in for as well?  Not a problem, you can remind your staff automatically via email or SMS anywhere between 1 -24 hours before the viewing.  By sending out your viewing reminders, no-one will have any excuses to miss a viewing again.

Do you want to follow up on a viewing or chase up on a rental payment that is due?  Send your applicants or tenants an email through the Utili system.  It is so quick you won’t believe you haven’t been doing it the whole time!

Send a newsletter from your Utili account and choose to send which category of people you would like to send it to.  Create your design, add your content and select your category of people you would like to send the Newsletter to.  Whether you are running a special promotion for Landlords or simply would like to wish all your Vendors a Happy Halloween – the newsletter function is just what you need.

Start using emails within your Utili account now, what’s stopping you?

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